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  • on
    21st August 2023

    Should Employers Be Creating Pet-Friendly Workplace Policies?

    Many of us that work remotely or in a hybrid setting are accustomed to working in the same environment as our pets. In fact, more than 23 million American households adopted a pet during the pandemic, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. With in-office work having returned, some are […]

    Fi Pets At Work
  • on
    18th August 2023

    Making Mistakes at Work: What We Would Tell Our 21-Year-Old Selves

    For those who might not be familiar, something wonderful happened on Twitter this year (a sentence not heard all that often). After an ordeal where an HBO Max intern accidently sent out a test email to thousands of the streaming service’s subscribers, the company took to Twitter to explain the mistake and highlighted how they […]

    Fi Intern
  • on
    17th August 2023

    Should Employers Be Embracing the ‘Managing Up’ Trend?

    Currently, many HR buzzwords and phrases originate from the same place: TikTok. First we saw the rise of ‘quiet quitting’ take TikTok – and then the wider internet – by storm. And now we are seeing a new trend with over 5 million views: ‘Managing Up’. Managing Up is when employees work out how to […]

    Fi Managing Up
  • on
    11th August 2023

    Preparing the Workplace for Generation Alpha

    Move over Gen Z – Generation Alpha will soon be knocking on the workplace door! Set to be the largest generation to date (it is predicted that there will be over 2 billion of them globally!), Gen Alpha are the children who will be born to predominantly Millennial parents between the years of 2010-2024. This […]

    Fi Gen Alpha
  • on
    31st July 2023

    Want to Retain Your Employees? Then Start Making ‘Squiggle Room’

    Reducing turnover and improving employee retention is always a top priority for employers. And yet, with the effects of the Great Resignation still lingering, as well as increasing concerns over the skill’s gap, coming up with innovative and effective retention strategies has never been more important. Something we have also come to notice is the […]

    Fi Squiggle Room
  • on
    28th July 2023

    How Important is Friendship in the Workplace?

    Workplace friendships can be joyous, enduring relationships contributing to personal and professional success. It’s how we manage them that matter. Regularly spending time with the same people is likely to result in platonic relationships forming. Such friendships can foster innovation and psychological safety, as well as encourage collaboration, adaptability, vulnerability, healthy competition, and humility – […]

    Fi Friends At Work
  • on
    25th July 2023

    What Can Barbie Teach Employers About Enterprise Agility?

    July is Global Enterprise Agility Month. July is also – more importantly – the month that the Barbie movie comes out in cinemas around the world. Now, these two things may not seem like they have a lot in common, but walk with me a minute. Before Barbie was brought to life by Margot Robbie, […]

    Fi Enterprise Agility Barbie
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